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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

oke . first of all sorry if this entry one of sickness entry . oke I would like to express my feeling today . maybe it was the silliest thing I ever do in my life . I do think that this thing will make other laugh but make me feel really dumb and stupid even greater stupid than an ape in the jungle . I know that i'm not a perfect person but i'm trying to be more perfect . I also know that I do alway make a mistake in my life but I do try to overcome the mistake that I has do . I also a person who not alway being thank to other by I try to change my attitude . Furthermore I also a person who alway make people hate of me . hate to talk , to be friend , even to look at me , but that not the important thing . there a few thing that good about me . as fact everyone do have their on good and bad attitude . even the criminal also have at least a kindness in their heart . even a little kindness . is that true . enough of silly fact thing that I don't like much . even some time I do talk silly thing but believe me the silly thing do have it own meaning and it own price . Hey person . sorry again if this really make u bored of reading this . sorry so much . forgive me and I would like to continue with my silly thing now . 

Me is a kind of person who

hate people make fun of me 
talk bad thing about me 
accused me bad thing 
hate to be accused as a thief 
love being friend with true friend 
hate if friend do become enemy 
if starting to hate a person I will hate the person forever until my heart be re-opened by Allah SWT 
never take serious in anything not serious 
a jovial person and hate to be interrupt 
hate to be directed by other
love to walk alone is solving problem 
hate to interrupt in other life 
not a person who like to make fun of other 
bad mouth person sometime when I do hate what other saying 

oke . that a few thing about me . hope that really interpret me well . even do I more to bad person but still don't judge my by my appearance oke . because a cat also can be a tiger

this post exactly for someone that I really hate . I hate to mentioned but the person know if I were saying about this thing . Hey you i'm not stupid oke . I know that you were more clever that me so stop talking about me . make fun of me . I hate waiting for is to stop . I hate to received anything from you anymore . I hate everything about you right now . 

can you see the sparta men . I also can kill like him killing in the movie . I willing to kill if I had to . sorry to say . I'm a killer . Heart killer . You make me like this . You make me be like this . You do teach me to be hotheaded person , cruel and bad . 

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