Wednesday, November 30, 2011

hi semua . . hate to say but had to . . as u guy can see there something wrong with my blog right now . . yes , the template . . i do miscoding somewhere and i'm too lazy to check for it . . sorry but it  because of my condition right now . . I only can use one hand to online not both . .that why i too lazy coz it hard to do job . . as u guy know that I had involve in incident last 3 month but until now i'm not fully recovered . I suffer a brancial plexus on my right hand it make my hand can't move . . uke that all the update . . daaa ..

p/s: currently praying I don't have to do an operation for my right hand . . If i had to hope U guy do pray for me . . this coming Sunday I will know I have to do or not the operation . .

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