rindu ?!! .. aku demam rindu ka ツ

Monday, January 10, 2011

nude awakening : mood .. rindu someone . ♥ 

sorry .. bukan saja2 nak jiwang or layan jiwa .. 

but fact ..

i'm talking bout fact .. 

i do miss her .. 

i really miss her .. 

day by day .. 

i waiting for her sms

i waiting for her call 

i waiting for her to PM me 

i waiting for her to come and talk to me 

i really sorry .. 
i didn't mean to hurt u .. 
to make u sad .. 

i'm sorry for what i have been saying .. 
i'm sorry for my attitude ..

i'm really sorry for can't be like u want me to be ..

i'm sorry for everything .. 

please do accept me as I am .. 

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