~ tatkala ak kebosanan menunggu kelas.. ツ

Monday, August 30, 2010

entah apa ak nk merapu aqinie..xtawla..huhu..just listen dear..haha..

al-kisah kelaz aqini mmg best r...hehe..mula kol 8 smpey 10 am ja..pastu dpt rest smpai pkol 2pm..huhu..syok2..
nk bercerita pew..ok2..tatkala ak bosan tggu klas nie ak pown wat la ap2 yg ptot bg ak..tp xptot bg org len..haha..btol kn pew yg ak ktakn..huhu..keja ak ialah.. ONLINE!!!!..org len stdy ak leh ja wat relax mcm xda ap2 pown stgi..pdhal stgi test techno..huhu..xbest tol..xsuka2..
relax alway a cure for me..r u agree..herm..nk ctew pew nie..?
ok2...let me share something knowledge able..hehe..

did you know a person alway use their BRAIN but did they use all of their BRAIN..?
confusing yet to state wether yes or NOT..!!that is why a normal person like ME!! and all out their normally use on below than 1% OF their BRAIN!!and for a genius they also use almost same but more than us use usually because they think more than we can think..so that why a MALAY person alway use tis phrase " Hey use ur BRAIN!!! because they know that they don;t use 100& of their BRAIN!!!
that all..TQ..

p/s maybe some off the information wrong but it still can be acceptable..

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