saat dulu ia pergi tapi kini ia kembali pulang ツ

Friday, August 06, 2010

huhu...tajuk pown dh mcm jiwang..hehe...ntah la..beberapa hari nie ak emosional sgt kowt..jiwang lbih..haha..xpew2..tis how the story begun..huhu..the person who was to be my first love..has come back into mylife..tat has made my life misery..i can't stop thing of she..she was everything for me..should i give another chance for her to be the queen in my life..can i do that..she come and saying my eyes has been opened by u i can see who really for me..ayat diew mcm tue xsebijik cam tue..hehe..ak pown konfius..nk kew x..hehe..xtawla cmna..nk or x..smuanye susah nk fikir..hehe..camni la..ak tlis pew mcg diew..

she "can i just opened my eyes now for u "

I "u still can doing that if u were really sincerely with me "

she " if i cannot be the perfect like u want me to be. "

I " it really don't matter but if u want perfection that never happen "

she " can u give me another chance for be a part with u "

I " sure..the chance still have but u need to sincerely with me "

she " r u sure to give me another chance "

I " i'm sure "

she " tq..wish me can be better.. "
I "i wish u wit full of blessed "

that the stories..i give a chance..but not mean i really accept her..but deep in my heart i still loving she even waht she has done to me..i really hope she can turn to a new leaf..i really hoping that..hope we will be blesses by Allah..thank god..

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