what i have to do to learn it..???

Friday, July 30, 2010

after bing more than a month stay at tis poli..
i admit i learn a lot..but a good thing only la..hehe..bad thing oh no..stay away ok..or u want it..hehe..
wat best study here friend mmg happening+pening..huhu..
ak bz ngn mmbe sbb tue la xsmpat nk update blog buruk ak nie..
hehe.best st mmbe2 kt sni..huhu..
nk ctew pa erk..xda point..ak nk ctew sal projek app komputer la..huhu..
mmg mcm dak2 la..huhu..kna wat poster go green..uhuh..best2..hope i win..
sory post kli nie xbtol..sbb ak msih di buai mmpi tdoq..

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