tatkala ak menghabiskan wang yg ak perolehi . . .

Monday, July 05, 2010

ntah la..ak nk jd ngn ak nie..pntang ja ada dwet..msti nk blnja..huhu..sdih tol..dlm msa 1 jam ak hd hbis kn RM2199.00..sdih tol bla ak tgk resit tue..sdih sgt 2..knapa ak nie boros sgt..aduss..why must ..i'm sorry pa ma..i'm really sorry..now after buy it i know that the thing not so good for me..huhu..i love the thing before..for the truth im buying new notebook..huhu..btw i already have one..so this the second one la..hehe..but i really love the first one cos it has so many story wit even it little bit slower than the new one..so sad..if i can change back the thing wit money i will do it..i dun want..i want my money back..please2.. :(

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