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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

p/s : i'm not so well when i writing this entry .. feel dizzy ..

this is how the the stories start..i just surf up the net looking information about my course that I taking for my Diploma but nothing appear..that funny that can happen..but lucky me..i surf up about my interest for furthering my I surf up.. I search up for this "Sarjana Muda Teknologi serta Pendidikan (Elektrik & Elektronik) , Sarjana Muda Teknologi serta Pendidikan (Elektrik) and Sarjana Muda Teknologi serta Pendidikan (Elektronik).. my search was found but..but the sad thing about this is the university that I has this is really hard to get opportunity to go to i know..herm..but to be honest that was my interest..I want to be a Teacher.. technical Teacher..can I be a Teacher ..haha..that was my first choice of career and if I didn't get the opportunity then I will go for my second choice that is to achieve my dream job and career I have to work hard to get chance to go to UTM as a first step i have to get great result for each semester..lucky for me because now I was i semester 1 so I still have chances of change my attitude and take seriously for study ...I think that all for my entry..hoping that..pray for my success ..
thank you Allah because open up my heart and my mind..and to my parent thank you because never give up on me and alway be my booster..i will never forget the motivation..also thank to my second sister and his my brother " Kak Ngah and Abg Sham" and my fifth sister and brother " Kak Eikin and Abg Naim" because alway there when I have take the wrong way and giving advice to me..Thank "kak Ngah and kak Eikin" because alway challenge me to do more and I will try to beat up your career one day ..hehe :)

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