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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

apa la nak jadi dengan aku nie ..kenapa msti macam nie.,.

what will happen to me .. what has i become ..why it must happen ..

test !!! test !! hate it as much as I can ..

why my result not like I tend to target .. why this happen to me..

I also like other person .. want to have a success .. 

with this kind of result .. can I tend to score for AKJ ...

can I get pointer 3.5 and above .. can .. tell ME !!

if I has a chance to change this I would like to do it ..

just do it no matter what it take ..

but now I have a solid reason why to give more effort on this ..

now I know why it is important .. but why before this it just seem great ..

why must I tend to forget all what I has state it ..

but now I still remember what I has to do .. 

p/s : that all for now .. need to go .. need to change attitude .. haha .. would I manage to do that ..
whe will see about that soon enough .. just wait for the moment ..
now time to study for electrical technology ..

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