Life nonsense + full of lie

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Assalamualaikum .. . 

Entry ter-publish oleh si Sepet :) 

Life sure something that full of enjoyment . . It also something that always kind tossed our life upside down . . perhaps sometimes we don't alert about it but state in our mind that LIFE around us always full LIE . . believe me . . LIE . . maybe it something that not really important because we always thing that it will not going to make our life upside down but for the reality we all had to live in LIE . . make other believe . . make other expect something that we don't sure we can do it or we could in this real life . . 

Dear people sometime we do need the lie to complete our daily life but for me it really not a right thing to do because we have to and had to stood on the right roads . . because of lie so many people had to suffer because they were dying believing something that right and sometimes in real world that thing don't exist . . 

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