It better to be abandoned then to be hurt

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Assalamualaikum .. . 

Entry ter-publish oleh si Sepet :) 

sometimes life does not always as cherish it can be and sometimes it can be the worse . . It just a matter of time to let all be reveal and that time we can know what are exactly going on in our real life . . day and day we keep staying under the lie and keep the truth hiding behind our shadows . . we keep let people know our role in acting but our real life . . that what make people always forget how to be our self because we keep acting or trying to be other person . . 

Indeed sometimes I do keep the faith and believe that we can be more good and better if we were trying to show the real but it really hard to make other to believe in what we were trying to show to other . . Perhaps we should let other be the ways the are or we can change it but I do wanna change the whole world . I don't want to live with people who always keep hiding the truth behind there shadows and acts as other . . 

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