~ out today for medical check up ツ

Sunday, June 13, 2010

7.00 am : Wake up from bed
7.30 am : Get ready(take a bath,dress up)
7.45 am : Move on to Klinik Kesihatan Bandar Alor Setar
8.15 am : Arrive ad K.K.B.A.S
8.30 am : Get number n wait for turn
8.55 am : The nurse call ask to fill a form
9.00 am - 9.30 am : wait for the x-ray turn
9.35 am - 9.45 am : wait for the printed result of x-ray then move to urine test
9.48 am - 10.16 am : after wait tired of waiting then the result of urine done  n move on to physical check
10.20 am : take number for my turn..
11.01 am : after tired waiting n fell like to take rest then the doctor call in..
11.35 am : done the job then get out n go to counter 1 for another examination but more seriously..get number for my turn
11.40 am - 1.48 pm : wait for my turn..really going crazy while waiting for it
1.50 pm : the doctor call in n it take only 10 minutes only..
2.00 pm : get out from the clinic..really hate waiting the turn..hate it so much..

conclusion : even we go for early but it really take a time to solve it  :)

after done medical check up go to Menara Zakat Kedah then go eating at Pacific..while waiting for the medical check up..I still have the chance to take some photo's with my friend's..so here it is..

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